CBA1 - 2nd yrs Junior Cert Science

Classroom Based Assessments (CBA)

CBA1-Junior Cert Science

CBA1 is conducted in 2nd year. In science CBA1 is also called an EEI which stands for an extended experimental investigation.

Students must decide on a research question and then conduct an EEI based on this question.

The topics that students can choose from are:

·       Water

·       The Earth

·       Moon

·       Sun system

·       Food, Plant growth and behaviour

·       Chemical reactions

·       Plastics

·       Forces

·       Energy conservation

1.     For this part of the investigation students may work individually or in small groups.

2.     Each student must contribute to the work of the group.

3.     CBA1 will be conducted in class during a three week period from Friday 20th April to Friday May 18th

This will be assessed by their teacher using the following descriptors;

·       Exceptional

·       Above Expectations

·       In Line with Expectations

·       Yet to meet Expectations

Results will be reported in Summer Report.

CBA1 Business in Action 2nd yrs

Classroom-Based Assessment (CBA) 1 Business in Action Period

Students spend four weeks completing the Business in Action CBA - Monday 12th March to Friday 20th April 2018

In Mercy Secondary School Ballymahon, we have chosen to focus our CBA1 on the Finance in Action Unit of the Business Studies Subject specification,

For this project, students form working groups of 4/5.

Examples of student’s research topics are as follows.   

●      Comparing the cost of a Shopping Basket with different retailers in Ireland (10 items - eg Dunnes, Supervalu, Lidl, Aldi, Tesco)

●      Comparing the cost of going to a sporting event, looking at the cost of booking yourself vs the cost of a travel agent

●      Comparing  the cost of going to a concert in Dublin vs one in the UK (Pick an artist who is playing in Ireland and UK this summer)

●      Comparing  the cost of booking a family holiday for 4 persons in Ireland vs Europe (Adult & 2 Children))

●      Comparing the cost of Car Insurance in Ireland with different target market ( Male vs Female, People in the 20’s, 30’s, Middle aged/ Over 65)

Students can present their findings in a variety of ways:

·       Reports

·       PowerPoints

·       Posters

Results will be reported in Summer Reports

CBA 2nd yr English

Classroom Based Assessment (CBA)

2nd Year English - Oral Presentation

April 27th – 18th May 2018.

Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) are completed during normal class time. They will closely resemble what happens on a daily basis in the classroom.
CBAs aim to create opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in areas that are difficult to capture in a timed pen and paper exam. For example, the 1st CBA which happens during 2nd year is an oral communication task. It offers students the opportunity to research an area of their choice and communicate their findings through a range of communication formats.
Students present their chosen topic for 3 minutes during class time.
This will be assessed by their teacher using the following descriptors;

  •  Exceptional
  •  Above Expectations
  •  In Line with Expectations
  •  Yet to meet Expectations.

To support teacher judgement in the CBAs, Features of Quality are set out in the Assessment Guidelines. Subject Learning and Assessment Review (SLAR) meetings
provide teachers with the opportunity to share and discuss samples of their assessments of student work and build a common understanding about the quality of
student learning.

Results will be reported in the Summer Report

Assessment Task for 3rd yrs

Assessment Task (AT) for 3rd year English

An Assessment Task (AT) will follow in 3rd year, which is the collection of texts.

For the collection of texts, students submit two pieces of their best work, which offers students a chance to celebrate their achievements as writers.

One of these samples will be written in the Assessment Task booklet.

The AT asks students to reflect on the process of writing and is completed by students during class time.

It is sent to the State Examinations Commission (SEC) along with the Final Examination for correction. It accounts for 10% of the Final Examination mark.

This Assessment task will take place on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th of April 2018 at Mercy Secondary School.

Thanking you,

English Department.

JC Home Economics Practicals

15 March, 2017.


Dear Parents.


Important Information

·       Junior Certificate Home Economics Cookery practical exams are taking place between Wed 29th March- Tue 4th April. Your child is assigned a day and time.

·       At this stage they know their assignment.

·       It is important that students are well prepared for the exam worth 35% Higher Level /45% Ordinary Level of their final Home Economics grade.

·       Students need to practice their dishes at home (several times) and have their written work/ folder completed for next week.

·       On the day of the exam, students need all their ingredients to be weighed and fresh and plenty of containers with them to bring food home.


Yours sincerely,

Home Economics Department.