VHI Women's Mini Marathon

Well done and good luck to all the TY students who have prepared and are ready now to complete the VHI Women's Mini Marathon in Dublin on Sunday the 3rd of June. In preparation for this we held a bake sale to fundraise for their chosen charity Friends of St Lukes, which is the only childrens cancer care hospital in Ireland. We also brought in the guest speaker Yvonne Boland from this charity to gain more knowledge on what this charity does and where the money collected will be spent. To ensure we will be physically able to complete this 10km challenge, we attended a very energising warm up which we can repeat ourselves over the next few weeks. Mental strength is equally as important so David Cryan from Operation Transformation was also brought in to speak about the importance of eating healthy and being active especially outdoors for fresh air etc. Through hosting all the above events €1,095.00 was raised which is fantasic as Friends of St Lukes is such a worthy cause. This would not have being possible without the support of the students, staff and parents of Mercy Convent. Therefore, we would like to thank all who have helped us over the last number of weeks, especially Ms. Quinn who has helped us organise all the above effectively and successfully. Today FM have picked Mercy Convent to work with as we undertake participating in the VHI Women's Mini Marathon. They have took pics and clips of all the events listed above to produce a video of our whole experience so far. This week it will be put up on their social media pages, our schools and the mini marathons if anyone would like to have a look. By doing so hopefully more people will take part in this charity event this year but also for many more to come.