Body Right Programme


·        To increase awareness of the importance of respecting other people and their integrity including physical integrity

·        To develop an understanding of what behaviours constitute sexual violence, harrassment and sexualised bullying

·        To provide information on the law and to consider the meaning of consent to a sexual act

·        To increase awareness of the nature of sexual violence and its impact and consequences

·        To introduce young people to mindful self awareness

·        To increase the ability of young people to protect themselves by developing their awareness and capacity to resource themselves

·        To change attitudes that lead to sexual violence through increased self awareness and self reflection

·        To raise awareness among young people of the potential harm of some of the behaviours of themselves or their peers, and their ability to question and challenge these.


Participants will have an opportunity to:

·        consider their own behaviours and the impact of these behaviours on others

·        consider attitudes and societal beliefs about sexual violence and the impact of these on an individual, family, school, community and societal level

·        be introduced to the concept and skills of mindful self awareness and self resourcing

·        achieve a greater understanding of the concept of and need for personal boundary setting and develop their capacity to set such personal boundaries;

·        develop their capacity to hold their ground in the face of persuasion or coercion;

·        be provided with information about and definitions of different forms of sexual violence;

·        be provided with information regarding the law on sexual violence and the issue of consent in legal and real life contexts, and an opportunity to reflect on this;

·        be provided with information about accessing help and support;

·        develop the capacity to pause and reflect at a particular moment, as an introduction to the concept of a ‘pause’ between the impulse to act and the action.


·        Large group, small group and individual work.

·        Case studies, role play, viewing of DVD of role play

·        Provision of information, helpline phone numbers.

·        Powerpoint presentation or posters, laminated handouts and flip chart/blackboard.

·        Developing awareness of and where appropriate challenging beliefs and attitudes as a core theme running through all sessions.

·        Experiential exercises to be undertaken in mindful self awareness, by which is meant participants observing, noticing and being informed by their own internal experience.


The messages we hope to have conveyed by the end of the programme are:

  • that all forms of sexual violence hurt, potentially very gravely, and this matters
  • that thevictim of sexual violence is not to blame, no matter what the circumstances
  • that each of us has a right to personal space, personal choice and bodily integrity
  • that each of us has the right to say no, in any circumstances.
  • that it is difficult, but important, to speak and not hold the secrets of sexual violence
  • that I need to consider how my  own behaviour may impact on others.