Enrolment Information

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Enrolment for September 2018  has now closed.

Late application forms will be considered under our Admission Policy.

Our Open Night took place on 29 November 2018.

To complete the enrolment process the following documents are requested:

If the number of enrolments is greater than 120 by the closing date then the selection criteria as outlined in our Admissions Policy will be followed.

The Assessment test will be held at School on Saturday 2nd February 2019 from 10a.m. to 12.30p.m.

The student will need to be at the School by 9.55a.m. Please bring along a pencil and an eraser. The assessment tests are purely to assist the School in best providing for the educational needs of incoming students. They are not used for the purpose of selection or streaming. We do not want it to be a stressful process. It also provides the first opportunity for incoming 1st year students to meet one another. There will be three short breaks. A snack and drink will be provided. Your son/daughter may bring in their own food if they wish. Results of these Assessment tests will be available in September on request from school guidance counsellor.

School transport is organised by Bus Éireann. The closing date for applications for school transport for the new school year 2019/20 will be given on Bus Eireann’s website.

Parents are invited to attend a meeting on “Introduction to Mercy Ballymahon” including information on iPads, eBooks and Subject Choice on Tuesday February 26th at 7.30pm in the schooll hall.

Please read our Admission Policy, Code of Behaviour below and Data Protection Notice.