Guidance Introduction


Guidance Throughout the Years

 The aims of the guidance programme in Mercy Ballymahon:

 §  To assist each student in their personal development and to help them to know and accept themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses.

§  To support each student in following an educational path which is appropriate for them.

§  To support students who may be experiencing difficulties in their lives, at home and at school.

§  To facilitate students in choosing and embarking on a career path which will be personally rewarding and will reflect their individual talents and values.

 The guidance counsellors’ work is especially concerned with three areas:

 §  Personal and social Development

§  Education

§  Careers

 They work as part of the pastoral team i.e. with Management, the Year Heads, tutors and learning support. They contribute their specialist knowledge and counselling skills to assist colleagues and students and also assist in delivering the SPHE programme

 Personal and Social: helping the student

§  to know themselves

§  to believe in themselves

§  to have a firm foundation in their relationships with others

§  meet individual students to discuss personal matters

 Education: helping students in all years

§  to make informed educational decisions and choices

§  by providing information about the academic programme

§  by assessing students’ potential abilities

§  by liaising with our feeders school

§  by giving advice to parents and students

 Careers: assisting students

§  in developing their career plans

§  in accessing information concerning careers and courses

§  in applying for Third Level education and training

§  by meeting individual students at planned appointments and at the student’s request

§  by work in the classroom

§  by planning career events, talks and visits

§  Students and their parents should feel free to contact the guidance counsellor if they need help in any of these areas. Assistance will be given discreetly and confidentially.