October Artist of the Week

Well done and congratulations to our creative students who are the October artists of the week 2017.

Katie Farrell 2nd year student for her expressive painting techniques used to paint the impressionist painting Water Lilly Pond by Claude Monet 1900. Well done Katie!

Karl McInerney 1st year art student for his detailed drawing using felt tip pen & colouring pencils to create an outstanding image. The talented artists sketch won the School Walk Poster Competition 2017 which was then used for the school walk sponsorship card. A fine piece of artwork well done Karl! 

Grainne Donoghue 2nd year art student for her fantastic use of paint. Grainne's use of the impasto technique achieved with acrylic paint to recreate Impression Sunrise by Claude Monet 1872. Well done Grainne! 

Patrick Conlon, Mark Mealia, Sean Mulledy Ty art students for their striking string art technique used to create two fantastic boards displaying Ireland and Australia. This was the first time these students tried art & we think they did a great job. Well done lads!