RE: Maths Research Lesson


 RE: Your child’s participation in a Maths Research Lesson

 Dear Parent,

 Over a number of months teachers from Mercy Secondary School have been working with the Professional Development Service for Teachers to develop an innovative maths lesson designed to improve students’ ability to problem solve in maths. In the past number of years, more than 200 schools have been involved in this programme nationwide.

 A key component of this process is the teaching and observation of the lesson that the teachers have designed. During this lesson a number of teachers will observe the teaching and learning taking place with the aim of better understanding how students approach learning in maths.

As part of this, evidence of the students’ work may be recorded anonymously for the purpose of helping teachers improve teaching and learning. I am hoping you will support us in allowing your son/daughter to participate in this lesson on 7/02/2019. If you do not wish your child’s work to be used for this purpose, please inform Ms. Halligan.

 Thank you for your time and cooperation in this endeavour which we hope will be of great benefit to the students and teachers.

 Yours sincerely,

 Stephen Gammell

Team Leader – Post-Primary Mathematics

Professional Development Service for Teachers