CBA 2nd yr English

Classroom Based Assessment (CBA)

2nd Year English - Oral Presentation

April 27th – 18th May 2018.

Classroom-Based Assessments (CBAs) are completed during normal class time. They will closely resemble what happens on a daily basis in the classroom.
CBAs aim to create opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in areas that are difficult to capture in a timed pen and paper exam. For example, the 1st CBA which happens during 2nd year is an oral communication task. It offers students the opportunity to research an area of their choice and communicate their findings through a range of communication formats.
Students present their chosen topic for 3 minutes during class time.
This will be assessed by their teacher using the following descriptors;

  •  Exceptional
  •  Above Expectations
  •  In Line with Expectations
  •  Yet to meet Expectations.

To support teacher judgement in the CBAs, Features of Quality are set out in the Assessment Guidelines. Subject Learning and Assessment Review (SLAR) meetings
provide teachers with the opportunity to share and discuss samples of their assessments of student work and build a common understanding about the quality of
student learning.

Results will be reported in the Summer Report