CBA1 - 2nd yrs Junior Cert Science

Classroom Based Assessments (CBA)

CBA1-Junior Cert Science

CBA1 is conducted in 2nd year. In science CBA1 is also called an EEI which stands for an extended experimental investigation.

Students must decide on a research question and then conduct an EEI based on this question.

The topics that students can choose from are:

·       Water

·       The Earth

·       Moon

·       Sun system

·       Food, Plant growth and behaviour

·       Chemical reactions

·       Plastics

·       Forces

·       Energy conservation

1.     For this part of the investigation students may work individually or in small groups.

2.     Each student must contribute to the work of the group.

3.     CBA1 will be conducted in class during a three week period from Friday 20th April to Friday May 18th

This will be assessed by their teacher using the following descriptors;

·       Exceptional

·       Above Expectations

·       In Line with Expectations

·       Yet to meet Expectations

Results will be reported in Summer Report.